Our Products

We have a wide range of products to offer professional users and private customers, ranging from Grains to Pods, as well as Sugar, Soluble products and Merchandising products.


The pods

Classic, Decaf, Tea, Chamomile Tea and Barley Coffee.

The widest possible choice.

Soluble products

Soluble Coffee, Ginseng Coffee (also gluten free), Chilled Coffee Cream, Soluble Barley Coffee, Chilled Yogurt and Lemon Sorbet.


Extra-fine white and cane sugar sachets with 5 flavourings, and Fructose cubes.


Coffee and Cappuccino Cups, in porcelain or glass, small Glass Tumblers, Napkin Dispensers, Sugar Holders, Sugar Bowls, Clocks, Trays and Aprons.